Melters and refining lines


Comet proposes an extensive range of machines and plants for the food industry (chocolate, oils and fats, sweets and candies, ice creams, juices, dairy) designed and constructed according to the production needs of each customer. The production range includes: Storage tanks at ambient pressure, with pressure or vacuum, equipped with a variety of optional devices (weighing cells, stirrers, heat exchanging units); dissolvers for loaves of fats; mixers for products in powder, liquids and creams; heat exchangers; steam cookers for candies at atmospheric pressure or vacuum; nitrogen production units; pipelines for conveying and dosing liquid and creamy products. The company’s show pieces are two refining plants for cream and hazelnut paste used for filling and covering; creams; ingredients and materials used in confectionery and ice-cream production. The machines are available in different versions (for 100, 250, 500 kg), with manual or automatic control managed by PLC with dedicated software. Next to the single machine, Comet can offer complete refining plants, from the storage of raw materials to the handling of the finished product prior to packaging, complete with automation and customized according to specific customer or product needs.

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