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Vacuum generator


With integrated air-saving function, the OVEM vacuum generator from Festo is an energy-efficient solution. A vacuum sensor adds preventive maintenance to the vacuum system and greatly reduces the risk of machine downtime. Continuous status monitoring of the entire vacuum system is made possible thanks to an LCD with additional bar graphs. If a leak develops, either gradually or abruptly, or in the event that vacuum evacuation time becomes longer, the situation is detected automatically by the vacuum generator. This is how the vacuum generator facilitates preventive maintenance and enables users to prevent potential machine downtime. The vacuum generator and the ejector pulse are controlled by two integrated solenoid valves. Short distances and the resultant short cycle times ensure quick and reliable placing of the workpiece. The ejector pulse can be regulated with a flow control screw. All control and display components are located in the front panel. High priority has also been given to ease of maintenance with the integrated filter effortlessly purifying process air.

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