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Skin thermoforming machines


The TFS (400/500/600/700) sanitized thermoforming machines for flexible or rigid film, made by Ulma Packaging, offers the possibility of skin packaging any cheese. Its configurable structure offers total adaptability for size and packaging production. The design of the closed profile frame gives strength. The structure is in AISI 304 stainless steel with inclined surfaces to facilitate the evacuation of the wash water. The foldable side protections allow access for inside cleaning, while the “open” design prevents the stagnation of product waste. The main feature of this thermoforming machine is the opportunity to make a shape cut in the packaging skin. The photo shows 200/300 g portions of parmesan cheese, made with TFS 4-packs/cycle for 10 cycles / min. The lower rigid film weighs 400 microns, with a special punch for shape cutting, all produced by Ulma thanks to its experience in the blister machines sector. Very ductile, the thermoforming machine itself is capable of packing products also in modified atmosphere.

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