Dairy products

Dry and chemical free sterilization


In 2012, Claranor install the first industrial equipment of pulsed light sterilization designed for lids. It will complete its cups and caps sterilizer range. Thus Claranor solutions can advantageously replace chemical sterilization systems for sensitive products that require ultra-clean filling environment. They present significant benefits in terms of running costs and compacity, for similar decontamination performance. Will be demonstrating its latest innovation at the Anuga Foodtec in March: an industrial solution for lid sterilization. From now on, will be able to propose a combined lids-cups treatment equipment on a packaging line, which will make the pulsed light solution even more complete for the beverage and dairy industry. The Anuga Foodtec will also be a great event as visitors will be able to see a complete cup filling line running with a Claranor cup treatment equipment integrated on a Waldner filler.