Turning whole tomatoes into pulp


The pulping machine PT12 proposed by IFT transforms unpeeled tomatoes in extruded tomatoes using an extrusion system.

The pulper is made of the following parts: heating scroll (transportation and blanching of the raw product); compression and cutting group (slicing and light compression); draining conveyor (separation of liquids, seeds and skins); extrusion group (pulp production and separation of the skins); hopper with mono-screw pump (to convey the waste product); small tray with diaphragm pump (product relaunch); Industry 4 software.

The whole structure is Aisi 304 stainless steel, and all parts in contact with tomatoes are in food-grade materials. All waste product is conveyed to a booster pump. A control panel allows the automatic operation of all actuators by PLC system.  All electric motors are driven by inverters.

The production is of 15 tons/hour of fresh unpeeled tomato, with following yields: >60% with 6 mm sieve, 65% with 8 mm sieve, 70% with10 mm sieve. The machine can process even peeled tomato, with following yields: 15 t/h, 70% with 6/8 mm sieve and 75% with 10 mm sieve; 18 t/h, 75% with 12 mm sieve; 20 t/h, 80% with 14 mm sieve; 22 t/h, 85% with 16 mm sieve.