Innovative and eco-friendly solutions for industrial refrigeration

Zudek Headquarters

Zudek is an Italian company, based in Trieste, which for more than thirty years has been thinking, designing and producing solutions for industrial refrigeration using only natural refrigerants and paying great attention to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

Aware of the impact that refrigeration systems can have on the environment, Zudek has always adopted cutting-edge technologies that reduce the environmental impact of its products to a minimum. Sustainability is an absolute priority for Zudek and it constantly work to develop solutions that are environmentally responsible and that respect the decarbonisation objectives set by Europe for 2030. Zudek solutions are suitable for industrial, civil, commercial and HVAC applications. The company boast active references in the food and beverage, chemical-pharmaceutical, logistics and freezing industries.


Zudek is aware of the needs of its customers customers and design and create tailor-made solutions for them for energy efficiency, decarbonisation, reduction of management costs and the recovery of CO₂. Zudek has recently launched Biomatik, a system for the purification and liquefaction of CO₂. Nowadays, the recovery and reuse of CO₂ are fundamental operations for those companies that wish to operate in a sustainable manner and that want to work from a circular economy perspective.

The Biomatik system, in fact, is capable of transforming the CO₂ recovered from the most different sectors, for example from fermentations or combustion processes, to transform it into marketable CO₂ at different degrees of purity. The different degrees of purification of CO₂ are achieved by means of activated carbon filtration systems, molecular sieves and specific rectification columns.

With the Biomatik system you will be able to reach the food grade purity level, the highest level of purity (99.9%) of CO₂ which makes it suitable for food use. Furthermore, each unit produced by Zudek is subjected to continuous and uninterrupted remote management (24/7) via the Telematik service, the service that allows us to monitor the functional parameters of the machine remotely.

In this way Zudek is able to guarantee and constantly optimize the functionality of each machine, guaranteeing optimal energy efficiency and energy savings. From 19 to 23 March Zudek will be present at the Anuga FoodTec fair, one of the most important fairs dedicated to the world of Food&Beverage in the world: Stand A120 B129 pavilion 6.

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