Automatic Ingredients Weighing


UNICA automatically weighs the ingredient components of recipes and batches in different processes of the food preparation industry. Proposed by Lawer, it ensures accuracy and repeatability of the recipes, balance of raw materials, and optimization of production times.

The ingredients are stored in stainless steel tanks (capacity 50-100 litre) and dosed into a bucket using stainless steel screws. The bucket placed on an electronic scale, automatically positions itself under the tank from which the ingredients are to be dosed. The system can be equipped with a double scale for the simultaneous dosing of two ingredients.

The independent and removable tanks are equipped with removable top lid. An efficient suction and filtering systems ensures a clean working operation during the manual filling of the machine and the automatic weighing of the ingredients.

Recipes to be processed are selected from the touch screen control panel, on which the production recipes are stored, and the information of the operations can be displayed under protected access.