The influence of colour on the purchase of food

CLM-194: Portable colorimeter for the analysis of colour differences in comparison with a reference colour. Suitable for the objective evaluation of semi-finished and finished products.

Also in the food sector, the paradigm “beautiful = top quality” is all that matters when choosing a product. For this reason Eoptis offers colorimeters controlling the production cycle.

Colour control is gaining importance in the food industry. Consumers are very attentive to food, and in retail shops they look for the most uniform product, with an appealing colour and as far as possible without defects. According to the paradigm that “beautiful” means “of higher quality”, consumers urge manufacturers to conform to it.

Food industries chase their customers, and comply with market needs; for this reason, they integrate in their production cycle also the control of the colour quality of a product. In the past, colour control consisted in a subjective testing method, characterised by repetitive operations and very long execution times.

But this is no longer the case today. Eoptis, an Italian company specialized in the design and production of measuring devices for the on-line control of processes and products, in recent years has developed a family of sensors and instruments for colour measurement that effectively support the food industry and the manufacturers of food processing machines, allowing them to have full control of production.

CLM-195: no-contact colorimeter, suitable for continuous 24/7 operation in industrial environment. The case in anodized aluminium allows installation on food production lines.

Portable digital and industrial colorimeters

The first-born of the Eoptis family is the CLM-194 model, a compact handheld digital colorimeter for colorimetric detection with reliable accuracy, excellent repeatability and perfect off-line quality control. This device is specifically designed for the measurement of samples.

The colour measurement can be performed on various types of – matt or glossy – surfaces and materials, with accuracy 60 times higher than human eye. There also is the possibility of comparing the colour with an extensive database containing standard or application-specific samples; for this reason CLM-194 is a vital tool for all those who consider colour an essential element for product quality. The application software supplied with the device allows the creation of reports that can be shared with suppliers and customers.

In the food sector, this device is widely used for biscuits and other bakery products, dairy products, fruit juices, coffee, cereals, and flours. The industrial colorimeter Model CLM-195 is the perfect solution for the industrial environment; it provides individual colour analysis in real time of all products in transit on the line.

This rugged temperature-compensated device is very compact; essential features for working in industrial environments, together with other equipment. Repeatability and reliability make it even more innovative and user-friendly. This versatile device, next to controlling the colour by comparing it with an expected value, allows also a real time indication on the product quality, for the real time adjustment of the production process.

The most important successes of Eoptis in relation to this device are its integration on food processing machines for the production of dry pasta, bread-making machines, tomato and ice-cream processing machines, processing machines for ingredients and materials used in confectionery production.