“Clean steam” for food processing

Ultra-compact clean steam generator m-CSG 600

The history of Spirax Sarco began in 1888, when two general merchant businessmen- Mr. Sanders and Mr. Rehders (Sanders, Rehders & Co. = Sarco) – started their activity by selling the first steam traps in London. Today, Spirax Sarco Srl is the Italian subsidiary of Spirax Sarco Engineering plc, a multinational engineering group, with expertise
in design, construction and supply of
complete solutions for the effective
use of steam and thermal energy.

The Group is present worldwide with over 7,500 people, 131 operating
units, 26 manufacturing sites, 1,500 core product lines and over 100,000 direct buying customers in over 110 countries worldwide. In Italy the headquarters and manufacturing site are located in Nova Milanese (MB), and a second manufacturing site is located in Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI), while our sales offices and distributors are all over Italy. Based on its 130 year experience in the world of steam, Spirax Sarco is acknowledged as the world leader in all productive sectors, in particular in the food and beverage industry.

Sustainability and Flexibility

In recent years, we have witnessed great changes in the food chain due to the pressing or even indispensable need for a sustainable economy and a greater sensitivity to health and the environment. The companies of this sector have had to take note that the consumer, always looking for healthy ingredients and hygienically safe nutritional recipes, has radically changed his nutrition habits and lifestyle.

The need to comply with the new supply, handling and preservation requirements has forced manufacturers to implement several changes; the primary objective has become the preservation of quality and the safety of food products, neutralising any possible risk to human health. According to the Regulation EC 852, the steam that is in direct contact with all kinds of food must not contain any substance which constitutes a hazard to health or which could in any way contaminate food. Hence, it is very important that the steam used in food production processes is “clean steam”, i.e. free of impurities, humidity or non-condensable gas, and that steam is subject to the most strict regulatory standards in terms of hygiene and food safety.

Spirax Sarco has invested in R&D on clean steam, and has identified the most secure and performing methods to generate and distribute it, to improve customers’ production efficiency, meet the environmental sustainability targets, improve product quality and enhance the safety of their operations. Products, solutions and services specifically dedicated to clean steam are made with materials and manufacturing technologies that comply with the quality of the finished product, in full compliance with the requirements of EC 1935 Regulation; they guarantee the absence of any form of contamination in food and beverages.

Among the various solutions that Spirax Sarco proposes, there are clean steam generators and heat exchangers with corrugated pipes for the sterilisation and pasteurisation (e.g. beer, fruit juices and milk and dairy products or for the cooking of meat, fish and fruit); 2 or 3 port valves for flowrate control in the mixing of fresh pasta or in the production of preserved food.

Among the engineered solutions there are packaging units dedicated to the proving of bread with direct steam injection or washing and sterilisation of containers for food and beverages, next to an extensive range of equipment for the drainage and recovery of the condensate, pressure control, level control, filtration and more.