Sanitary lobe pumps

BA Series pumps, Model 220, in accordance to 3A Sanitary Standards.

For the safe and delicate transfer of products like cottage cheese, cream cheese, full-fat yogurt with or without fruit pieces.

In the milk and dairy sector, Omac lobe pumps can transfer a wide range of products with the highest respect for their hygienic characteristics and physic-chemical properties, such as whole milk or semi-skimmed milk, hard cheese, curd, ricotta, serum or concentrated milk, cream, soft cheeses, full fat yogurt with or without fruit pieces, butter, flavorings etc.

Appreciated all over the world for their sturdiness and performance, Omac lobe pumps are the most reliable devices for the secure transfer of food at low operating costs. Omac proposes an extensive range, including the BB-BA Series developed from the previous successful B Series of pumps and offering the same performance, solidity and reliability. The BB-BA Series integrates the innovations of the BF Series, and is characterized by its new design for improved CIP washing.

The pumps of the BB Series are designed according to 3-A Sanitary Standard (new standard number 02-10). The design, surface finishing and elastomers of the BA Series are 3A-approved and are delivered with 3A name-plate and certificate.

EHEDG-certified BA Series pump, with self-draining vertical slots.

EHEDG and 3A certifications

BA pumps are available also in EHEDG certified version. The tests carried out showed that the construction is entirely free of gaps and all parts in contact with the product are easily washable. This provides considerable reductions in the consumption of hot water and chemicals. EHEDG-certified BA pumps are self-draining with vertical slots, with surface finish Ra ≤0.6 µ and 3A/FDA-approved elastomers.

The series comprises thirteen models, from BA100 to BA490, with deliveries ranging between 0.03 and 3.3 litre/revolution. Compared to the traditional B Series, their main differences are: flat cover and in-built fixing nuts that minimize product entrapment and improve CIP; flush end cover O-ring that follows the rotor case profile; rotor O-ring without metal-to-metal contact; seals with bigger self-draining slots, to enable accurate cleaning and prevent retention of potentially dangerous cleaning solutions.

These pumps can be supplied also with a gearbox in stainless steel or nickel-plated cast iron. A wide range of seals and gaskets is available, according to the characteristics of the product to be transferred. The optional equipment designed for the B series is also available for the BB/BA Series.