Temperature control solutions


Lock-down and pandemic-related employee absences are making it difficult to maintain usual production capacity. The food industry, therefore, has made advances in digitalisation, and this development has had a significant impact on temperature control.

Systems that operate for 24 hours per day must record the basic parameters of the entire production process to comply with the rules of hygiene and traceability.

What is important is for example the control over the temperature of grinders for the production of chocolate; the bath or screw temperatures of extrusion plants for pasta or confectionery; the temperatures in double-walled vessels for tempering fluids; the temperatures in pipes for transporting semi-finished or finished products and of reactors used in the production of sugar or natural flavourings.

To provide even better support to its customers during this development, Regloplas offers a range of solutions for its temperature control units and cooling systems (-20°C to 350°C and 3 to 80 kW heating capacity), as the new RT200 control system. All peripheral machines, devices and systems involved in the production process communicate with one another. This enables real-time process optimisations leading to higher productivity and reduced downtime.

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