Transparent eco-friendly film


Leaf is the first food-grade cling film produced by a completely Made-in-Italy chain that can be disposed of in the organic fraction of waste, making plastic packaging an integral part of the circular economy process. The film is developed and produced by Vicenza-based company Crocco.

The raw material is the bioplastic Mater-Bi from Novamont (Novara), and it has already been marketed by food manufacturers such as Melinda, who has chosen it for the 100% compostable packaging of its organic apples. The film is biodegradable and compostable according to EN 13432.

It is guaranteed by the OK Compost Industrial label, assigned by TÜV Austria, and has obtained the Compostable CIC label of the Consorzio Italiano Compostatori with a test of material disintegration directly in an Italian industrial composting plant. The film may be used for manual and automatic packaging. In industrial production, it also allows to neutralize the remaining CO2 emissions (already very low) through an eco-design process that Crocco called Greenside.

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