Steam generators


PONYA clean barrel, with no muck, no mold, no wood bacteria is a healthy barrel that will give your wine a “happy ageing”. The concept of “sterilization” gets amplified by use of genuine natural elements only, such as steam, since it excludes the use of chemical substances which could affect wood and compromise the quality of wine. With its over 50 years of experience in steam, Pony introduces to the market a new range of steam generators suitable for cleaning and sterilizing oak wine barrels and tanks. GE series are designed and built for quick and easy installation. They’re safe and reliable, thanks to their safety devices and their electronic water level control. They are built to last, with top quality materials and the functional arrangement of their components, which makes maintenance easier. GE8 and GE16 steam generators are ready to be used in a few minutes, with various powers installed (from 6 to 12 kW) according to the chosen model. Thanks to their pivoting casters and their built-in tank, they can stand alone and be put anywhere. They will just need a socket to give you all the steam you need, exactly where you need it.

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