Skimming separator


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Based on 150 years of experience in the manufacture of advanced mechanical and thermal separation solutions, Andritz Frautech supplies the right ingredients for your success in the dairy industry. Coming with a 3-A certification, the separators supplied by Andrits Separation all meet the latest hygiene standards and can be used in a huge variety of applications. Thanks to our wealth of experience in the dairy business, able to offer highly professional, customized support from production and process planning all the way to service support. Efficient, reliable, and low-maintenance: these attributes describe performance by the 3-phase skimming separator installed at Serum Italy, Granterre Consortium, in Modena, to increase the whey skimming capacity. Serum is one of the largest whey concentration and collection centers in Italy and installed a 3-phase skimming separator, model CA 351, in 2010. Equipped with a cleaning-in-place unit and a capacity of 50,000 l/h, the machine obtained excellent results, which led to installation of another separator of the same type in December 2013 at the company’s plant in Novi, Italy.

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