Plants for bottling lines


Ates Impianti works for the beverage industry through designs, machinery and plants for bottling lines, and it is specialized particularly in the cleaning industry. Nowadays there are thousands or millions of boxes and bottles made of glass and plastic, which have been labelled with a sticker, since this method is faster and less expensive than others. Unfortunately this labelling makes the complete reuse of the box complicated, as its removal is very difficult. Has patented a system through which can completely remove both the label and the adhesive which keeps the label stuck on the box. This system leaves the box clean and no remnants, scratches and marks are left and waste materials are reduced or completely removed. The system doesn’t use heat, chemical products or solvents and it consumes a low quantity of electric power, granting the immediate reuse of the box. In the next months a new plant will be launched. Using the system above, it will be able to treat every form and kind of box or bottle, producing from 1,000 to 15,000 items per hour.

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