Stainless steel rollermill


Ocrim is an Italian company operating in the milling sector. Its production includes milling plants, feed mills, grain silos, automation systems and electrical systems with a common line represented by the standardization of production processes in order to reduce the prime costs of production without compromising the product quality. Collaborations with suppliers and recent strategic partnerships have improved Ocrim value based on quality and expertise. The photo shows the core-machine of a plant: RMX rollermill. The parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel in order to ensure high level of sanitation. This machine can be completely easily opened thanks to technical/technological solutions designed in order to carry out a correct and easy maintenance/cleaning. It is also equipped with other important technical solutions: the differential driving system between the milling rolls with double profile special belt and the automated feeding system with capacitive probe. It is surely a highly efficient machine also because it is the result of an Italian project. It has been designed with competence and looking toward the future in order to obtain a high milling quality.

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