Packaging and environment


Ecological support, environmental protection, energy savings: are the conditions of one of the leading manufacturers of labelling machines. Customer satisfaction is P.E. Labellers first priority but, to do this, it is important to point out why one of the leaders in the industry decided to structure its business by engaging in safeguarding the environment that surrounds us. It is particularly important to report the considerable work done by the R&D Department, consisting of 12 people who are constantly devoted to the research and study of innovations, and accompanied by a prototype testing department which is an important sign of willingness to invest, as alone it absorbs a certain percentage of the turnover. In recent years, P.E. has provided for the adjustment of its production plants in accordance with the regulations in force with regard to ecology and environmental protection, waste disposal and the recycling of materials. Its labelling machines and labelling stations installed were properly redesigned in order to save energy and to reduce the environmental impact of bottling and packaging lines. The Adhesleeve itself is a technology designed to decrease energy consumption, that does not require the heating of the glue to apply the label, and to protect the environment as it does not use solvents or other chemicals for normal cleaning operations.

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