Stainless steel bevel gears


DZ Trasmissioni presents stainless steel bevel gears for manufacturers of food machines. The groups with a carter made in mono-block casting stainless steel Aisi 316, have shapes which are very linear on purpose, without ribs that can retain dirt; this is a very important characteristic in a market where cleanliness is essential to avoid the diffusion of bacteria which are dangerous for production. Stainless steel is also used for shafts, with silicone sealing rings. These groups are used in the food & beverage machines market, where many constructors used to build groups by themselves because on the market they could not find standards that met their needs. But the most important innovation is the cubital series, which apart from being cheaper offers also: higher lightness with a carter made of aluminum instead of cast iron; precision thanks to the carter made of only two elements instead of four; robustness thanks to bigger bores and consequently big bearings.

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