“Gnocchi” in heat-shrink trays


The constant request of solutions for heat-shrink trays for ravioli, lasagne, gnocchi, fresh pasta and single portions of various types, has led Proget Sistem to study automatic plants to insert in the packaging production cycle such as the TNNT.DP.EC3600 system. It is located at the exit of the forming or loader of trays and foresees the application of two labels: an advertising one on the higher part of the tray and another with technical data and recipe at the bottom. The double belt transport module of 300 mm (length 1200 mm) foresees the insertion of two application headers Collamat EC3600, a higher and lower one. Autonomy and profitability derive from the capacity of the label roll holders (diameter 350 mm) and from the application speed, precision derives from the stepping motor of Collamt 3600. The company offers various labeling modules, among which Multilab 3, which applies up to three labels on the same tray. Technical data and headings are created with the Label One software.

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