Additives for pastry-making


Babbi produces confectionery and semi-finished products for pastry-making and ice-cream laboratories, developing functional formulations that help the craftsman to obtain a creamy and stable product through time which can be customized according to tastes. For example, the family of pure stabilizers, includes products made of natural vegetable thickeners such as guar and carob flours and emulsifiers derived from non-hydrogenated vegetable and OGM-free oils. The versatility of their use, makes their use possible both in cold processes and for pasteurizations  at 85°C. The attention to the customer needs, led the company to develop a range of products made of rice proteins with no milk derivatives and no added sugar. In addition, in the catalogue there are also improvers and supplements which increase the nutritional and organoleptic value of ice-creams. As regards the processing of “noble pastries”, process lines for toasting, refining and quality control of dried fruit (pistachios from Sicily, nuts from Piemonte, almonds, peanuts, pine nuts and Macadamia walnuts), are available.

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