Refrigeration systems for bread and pastry


For 30 years Colip has been designing and manufacturing refrigerated systems dedicated to the bread and pastry sector. The company offers standard and customised solutions for both artisan and industrial productions.

The picture shows the PRO-10TS touch screen control panel, complying with the requirements of the 4.0 Industry, which enables customers to benefit from tax opportunities. The touch screen features high resolution display, with innovative software for the control of production processes (retarded-proving, blast chilling, deep-freezing, conservation).

Customized and preset programs are available, which can be modified according to production needs and type of product. Full supervision from the workstation inside the processing area occurs from the customer PC; a router allows to create a private network between Colip and the customer, for the complete monitoring and management of the system from different devices (external pc, smartphone, tablet) and for on-line technical support.