Filling and capping inspection


Robo-CSF is a full automatic in-line quality control system that monitors the capping and filling operations and provides important information to improve the line efficiency. Proposed by FT System, it has an integrated sampling system that controls every single filling valve and every single capping head or programmable cycle, providing a real-time statistical analysis of the production trend.

A pick&place system takes the bottles from the production line and inserts them into an inspection station to perform the following inspections: filling volume, torque test, closing angle. Furthermore, optional measurements are available as: CO2 content analysis, internal pressure measurement, CO2 partial pressure measurement, CO2 percentage measurement dissolved in the liquid, angle application inspection. Compliant samples are then automatically reinserted in line.

The suite of technological tools integrated into the system provides a large amount of raw data that the software returns as usage data, ready to be used for optimizing the filling and capping process, scheduling targeted corrective actions and the “predictive” maintenance. The system can be easily installed into existing bottling lines, without additional conveyor belts or accumulation tables.

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