Safety light curtains


The ELC 100 safety light curtains focus on the essentials of what matters when safeguarding points of operation. Offered by Leuze for applications with an operating range of up to 6 meters, the robust devices are perfect for cost-effective machine designs.

Thanks to their simple mechanical and electrical design, they are particularly easy to integrate and install. The multi-level alignment display ensures fast and optimum alignment and does not require prior knowledge. The housings are made of metal to ensure reliable operation.

These safety light curtains with resolutions of 17 and 30 mm offer reliable finger and hand detection. This allows small safety distances between the safety sensor and the point of operation to be realized. The device design makes them especially resistant to physical shock and vibration.

Other technical properties are: protective field length from 300 to 1500 mm in 300 mm grid; response time from 4.5 to 21 ms; connection by means of 300-mm cable with M12 connector, 4-pin; protection class IP 65; temperature range 0/55°C. The intelligent beam evaluation with object tracking allows the devices to operate reliably and avoid unnecessary shutdowns, even in demanding environments.


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