4.0 Palletizers/Depalletizers


In the field of the automation of cheese-ripening warehouses, the recent merger between two leading cheese-ripening companies has aroused great interest. Autodop has integrated Cheesetech, the dairy branch of Clevertech.

A synergy that implements and refines the Autodop product range with wide-ranging, high-tech solutions, including automatic palletizing and depalletizing. Proof of this are the Kronos and Tender machines, which optimize work and maximize the performance and safety of warehouse personnel.

Kronos is a palletizer that automatically fills and empties cheese wheels pallets. Combined with the Ergon or Dioniso loaders-unloaders, it facilitates handling and eliminates the stress and hazards for operators making their tasks easier. Fast and efficient, it accurately moves the wheels in a small space, allowing automatic palletization between lanes; a unique device speeds up and simplifies pallet changes.

In the picture Tender with a capacity of 750 kg, safe self-driving vehicle that moves between the racks, handling the cheese wheels for the loaders/unloaders with its robotic arm. It carries the pallet where up to 15 parmesan wheels can be loaded or unloaded. Both have Industry 4.0 requirements for full operational interconnection with warehouse installations and technologies.

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