pH tester for bread and sourdough


pH measurement is an important analysis in the bakery industry, for which Hanna instruments offers its pH tester for semi-solids (sourdough and dough).

The optimal pH range for sourdough is rather narrow (3.9-4.2 pH), so high accuracy is required to avoid unpleasant surprises during proofing. The HALO2 – HI9810382 pH-meter for semi-solid products is equipped with a pH electrode designed specifically for bread and dough, featuring conical tip, open junction and food-grade PVDF body.

The meter can be connected to a smartphone to save measurements and share results. All the pH testers of this company are suitable for measuring the dough temperature. Various types of pH meters for semi-solids are available in the Company’s catalogue, from the portable pH meter used by professionals and large food companies to the pocket testers for small laboratories.