In-line smart vision inspection systems


Since 2007 Sensure designs and develops vision inspection systems with artificial intelligence which work in self-learning.

With these systems, it is possible to measure multiple food quality parameters (shape, size, colour, height/thickness, volume, etc.) along the production process and to automate quality control with the identification and rejection of non-compliant ones.

All SENSURE solutions allow real-time display and monitoring of measured values and collect production data production, supporting the continuous process improvement activity. SENSURE systems can also be used to optimize the pick & place activity, sending the numerous products features (shape, size, colour and surface pattern) to Robot and PLC.

Synapse technology is used on many highly variable products such as biscuits, crackers, rusks, bread, croissants, cakes, pizzas, bars, chocolate and chocolates, candies, chewing gums, ice cream and many other foods.