Permeability tester


Permeability tester TotalPerm by ExtraSolution is the reference both for flexibility and performances among the gas permeability testers. In fact, TotalPerm is the only instrument on the market able to measure the permeability both to oxygen (OTR) and water vapour (WVTR) and carbon dioxide (CO2TR). The instrument can be used to test both films and packages.The instrument has high accuracy and extremely wide test range; all the measurements can be performed at different temperatures and relative humidity. In this way both the films and packages can be tested in the real conditions of use. No preliminary preparation of the sample is required. The software allows programming a list of measures that are running automatically by the instrument. After that the sample has been positioned into the test chamber, you can plan a list with all the tests that you want to perform on this sample: different kind of gases, different temperatures and different relative humidity. The software is managing everything autonomously also during the night and over the week-end. In this way you can save a lot of money and time to get your results.

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