Beer Quality Control


Smart Analysis is DNA Phone’s platform for breweries looking for a convenient way to conduct independent analysis and quality control of their product throughout the production process.

It accompanies the brewer at every stage, from the analysis of process water to that of the main parameters (IBU, for example) to the monitoring of the colour, which is the fundamental characteristic to give personality to the beer.

The patented fiber optic technology and led sources are the heart of the compact and robust spectrophotometer that does not require any particular maintenance or calibration. First equipped with an application usable from tablets, the platform is designed especially for those who do not have analytical experience.

In fact, it guides the user through the entire process: It automatically downloads updates and new functions, stores and manages the results in digital format on every connected device (tablet, smartphone, pc), thanks to the cloud service; it also ensures data storage, synchronization, and restoration of historical data. The technology is suitable for any brewery, regardless of the size or whether there is a laboratory or not.

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