Perfect crispiness with combined ovens


Experts looking for smart combined ovens in order to create and innovate, find at Tecnoinox a wide choice of ovens with five, eight or sixteen pans allowing expert bakers to set and check the cooking parameters with utmost precision.

This is also possible with TAP Pastry, a bakery oven that allows to work with finesse on the humidity in the chamber at every stage of the recipe, by adding or extracting it, to dose the crispiness and precisely establish the shelf-life. The oven allows accurate adjustment of the fans.

Controlled by an inverter, they can simulate a static oven and increase the performance. Twelve continuous and pulsed adjustments of the fans are available to ensure uniform cooking even of difficult products, such as meringues, large leavened products or breads made from gluten-free flours.

Repeatability is ensured by the intuitive touch-screen interface, which allows to enter new recipes and change them even during cooking. The integrated Wi-Fi connection gives access to the benefits of Industry 4.0.