Semi-automatic depalletizer


FBL machines are designed for the depalletising of pallets containing glass jars or bottles of any shape, or pallets with cylindrical tin plate cans. The range includes systems with top or bottom product feeding, with automatic, semi-automatic or robotised operation.

The choice of the solution depends on customer’s requirements in terms of productivity, flexibility and line layout. The semi-automatic depalletiser, for instance, is designed to meet all those requests for medium-low production capacity up to 1-2 layers per minute. The machine is built entirely in 304 stainless steel and is suitable for handling glass jars and bottles and cans.

The loading of the pallet takes place with a forklift and then the machine starts its work cycle. We can set all the recipes up to a maximum of 150 from the electric panel/HMI and it can be equipped with an automatic flap removal system. It can also be easily inserted into existing lines and integrated with remote assistance.

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