Aluminium coffee capsules


The TLCM30 box filling machine for the packaging of coffee capsules is the ultimate solution Senzani Brevetti offers to the market.

This form&fill machine from flat blank for aluminium Nespresso-compatible capsules, is capable of packing products in various configurations and types of boxes: single or multi-layer, with or without interlayer sheet or honeycomb sheet, rose, flip-top, alternated, tube and much more.

Being flexible, this machine can be adapted to the most complex requirements and configurations. The compact footprint (2.5×1.2×2.1 m) makes it perfect even for plants with space limitations. Format change operations are quick and intuitive thanks to the tool-free technology with colour codes that guide the operations.

This model can handle up to 300 capsules per minute and relies on multiple transfer stations for the production of up to 30 cartons per minute. The technical solutions devised by the company allow the machine to handle with care the aluminium capsules, as well as the carton and the sheets between capsule layers.