Milk collection and tank mapping



With CSB-System, the received milk is registered in the relevant Received Milk module, according to truck and supplier, and is assigned to a storage tank from which it will picked and transferred to production. At least twice per month, a sample of milk for each supplier is sent to the (internal or external) laboratory for testing; test results of chemical-physical and microbiological analyses are returned as file. The contents of the file are directly imported in the software and supply information for supplier assessment and the determination of the “at the barn” milk price. The Received Milk module includes procurement systematic calculation of goods and resources employed per period, supplier, picking truck, picking costs, with user-configurable features. The preparation of the milk required for production is intuitive thanks to the M-ERP functions of the CSB-System, which, via  graphic user interface, proposes the works to carry out with a list of milk components to be used and the availability in litres. By default, the maximum quantity of litres to be processed is proposed, which can be modified by the user according to the type of process. Thus, operators have access to all information on the milk present in the tanks, including procurement and traceability across all value-added steps. Production components are loaded into the online buffer storage.

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