Linear labellers and sleevers


PE Labellers and Packlab present their innovations on the same stand. PE presents the Modular Top 1120-16 SM labeller, equipped with 150-m adhesive module and automatic splicer, cold-glue cart with five segments, suitable for warranty seal application. The machine features new sliding protections and a hot melt reinforcement system with multi-format star-wheels. On the stand even Maya, the sleever (in the picture) available for full-body, half-body, tamper-evident and promotional bi-pack applications. This compact machine allows the labelling of empty or full containers, of any material, shape and size. It is able to work sleeves with reduced thickness, with consequent savings. Packlab proposes the linear labeller Easy Rep FB 40 SL, a more compact version of the Wing model, with sliding protections providing for total coverage even in the upper part, offering the same flexibility of Wing machines, and a production speed up to 7200 p.p.h. The machine is equipped with thermal transfer printer for printing variable data.

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