Meat and sausages in cubes or sticks


Within the range of Holac dicers distributed by Lazzari there is the Cubixx 100, the strongest, heaviest, and most powerful among the “small” ones, suitable for cutting all sizes with the same results of big multipurpose dicers. The machine frame is proof of its quality: sturdy body in very thick laser-cut stainless steel. With its clean line, the machine is perfectly sealed to prevent the build-up of product residues. Each component, from the pusher to the rotary blade, is made with the same materials and the same policy of the industrial versions. Rotary cutter, cutting grids, and hydraulic pump are driven by an electric 2.6 kW motor. The dicer can be equipped with rotary cutters with 1, 2, 3 or 4 cutting blades, disks with 4 blades for slicing, and raping disks of various sizes. The cutting grids can be equipped with small blades, 0.5 to 2.5 mm thick; the profile can be smooth, saw-toothed with apart or serrated teeth, for the production of: sticks, cubes and strips of ham, bacon, speck, or lard; sliced sausages and salami; diced salmon or tuna; sliced octopus for seafood salads; small dices of lard for mortadella and salami; beef cubes for stews.

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