Determination of Aflatoxin M1



Astori Tecnica launched the Lateral-Flow kit for determining the presence of Aflatoxin M1 in milk. Called Quick Afla M1 Strip Test, in 10 minutes it allows the visual qualitative/semi-quantitative identification without incubators or pre-treatment or degreasing of the sample. It is suitable for any kind of milk, and the presence of preservatives does not change the results. Included in the kit there are a reusable 200µlmicro-pipette and the disposable tips allowing to carry out tests anywhere, at room temperature, even in the office or on the vehicle’s dashboard. The identification is made in two very simple stages. The milk, added in the reaction vessel containing a freezedried reagent, is mixed and stored for 5 minutes at room temperature. The test strip remains in the vessel for additional 5 minutes, and then the visual reading is carried out; the reading can be performed also with a special reader. The results are qualitative/quantitative, in compliance with European limits, Codex Alimentarius and FDA. The test also allows an approximate indication of the quantity of Aflatoxin M1 present in the sample. The test strip with the results can be filed as documentation. Quick Afla M1 Strip Test si conserva a 2-8°C e ha una stabilità di 12 mesi dalla data di produzione.

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