Loss-in-weight feeders


The American Saratoga Food Specialties produces more than 500 dry seasoning blends. The company’s blends require the blending of a variety of spices and the addition of fiber to the final blend prior to packaging. This operation has been automated thanks to Coperion K-Tron’s two-stage blending system. In the first stage, a batch blender prepares the primary pre-blend of spices and conveys them pneumatically via dense phase vacuum conveying to a vacuum receiver mounted above a loss-in-weight feeder. In the second stage, a mechanical conveyor transfers the fibrous material directly to a second loss-in-weight feeder. The controllers of the loss-in-weight feeders are connected to a PC that provides for complete recipe control. Depending upon the recipe chosen, the control system directs the correct proportion of spice blend/fiber to be delivered to the continuous mixer below. The accurate load cells of the feeders ensure that the precise amount of ingredients is delivered. Automated feeding and material transfer reduces labour and overall process time. In Italy, Coperion K-Tron feeders are distributed by Montenegro.

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