Maximising productivity

Sintodry from AEB: for an effective and safe lubrication with the Lubimatic Control Dry Eco system

Dynamic and constantly evolving: the beverage market needs advanced technology. As filtering membranes, chemical detergents and lubricants from AEB

Need to keep low production costs with the same level of quality, time availability to meet the requests of private labels, and more accurate controls by institutional bodies: this is the background in which food industries are to operate nowadays. For this reason, AEB, for over 50 years active in the food&beverage industry, re-considered its role in order to effectively meet the needs of its customers, offering a wide range of products and services for enhancing productivity. Customer relationships are managed by so-called “productivity specialists”, capable of identifying low-cost solutions, allowing fast operating times without neglecting environmental protection and compliance to existing legislation. The complete systems proposed by AEB include: durable (equipment) and consumable (chemical products) goods for the basic operations common to all players of the agri-food sector: cleaning and disinfection; filtering; lubrication; clarification; enzymes; food additives and processing aids. Exchanges of knowledge and information between the commercial and technical structures of the sixteen branches present worldwide, research conducted by the eight R&D laboratories, and plant engineering, make up a vast reservoir to tap into to identify solutions that can be customised to enhance the productivity of each individual customer. Aware that every manufacturing unit has specific peculiarities in terms of costs, plants, workforce that have to be taken into account in order to identify the most effective solutions, the AEB team’s approach consists in on-the-spot audits and listening to the requirements of the different players before making concrete proposals. This is why the proposals always take into account the impact their implementation may have on total plant costs (as for instance, the purification costs) and operating times. In a similar context, the importance of control and dosing equipment can easily be guessed. In fact, the price per kilo of chemical products is not as important as their daily cost. For this reason the Group launched AEB Engineering, an independent unit specialized in the development of equipment and its adaptation to customers’ needs. This activity is supplemented by a technical-legal support to ensure that the used products comply with the current legislation on food safety, labelling and environment.

Vinpore Final PES optimizes filtration costs. Designed by AEB for filtering wine, sparkling wines and soft drinks

Filtering membranes for soft-drinks  

To meet the needs of the more and more dynamic and demanding beverage industry, AEB developed the filtering membrane Vinpore Final PES Plus. This cartridge sets new standards in terms of performances, and optimizes filtration costs. Designed for filtering wine, sparkling wine and soft drinks, this cartridge optimizes the flow thanks to the innovative polyethersulfone (PES) membrane, a high-performance material designed to resist to temperatures, pressures and compressions. Furthermore, the new membrane is resistant to conventional chemical process detergents ranging within 1-14 pH. Its easiness of regeneration provides for longer lifetime, reducing filtration costs. Thanks to its mechanical and thermal stability, this cartridge can withstand daily 30 minutes sterilisations with steam at 121°C, and to hundreds of washing cycles at differential pressures of 2 bar. Next to the cartridge, AEB supplies all necessary equipment for the filtration process. In particular, the range includes: filter media and lenticular filter modules; filter cartridges and pre-filters in PP and fibreglass; cartridges for process gas filtration; stainless steel cartridges for steam filtration; equipment for filterability tests; equipment for testing membrane integrity; housing for filter cartridges, filter bags and coreless.