Centrifugal pre-kneader for different flours


In the world of pasta, Storci holds a patent that revolutionised dough premixing: Premix. It is a centrifugal pre-kneader ensuring the correct hydration of flours, irrespective of their size, by means of automatic systems for dosing dry and liquid ingredients. The pre-mixing process is fully automated, and allows cutting energy consumption and increasing productivity. If the dough preparation system needs to be moved near the processing machines (presses, sheeter, shaping machines for regional pasta shapes), there is Trolley Premix, a system mounted on a carts. Smaller dimensions provide for easier movement, making it better tailored for the production environment. Other important advantages of the group mounted on the cart are: easy access and self-cleaning group, which allows to carry out an accurate cleaning in three minutes only and, hence, a quick switching from one recipe to the next. Furthermore, the PLC allows to store a high number of recipes, which can be easily modified, and to improve the machine performance.

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