Ink-jet printing


NIMAXThe A520i printer distributed by Nimax is a development of continuous ink-jet printers of the Domino A Series. Based on the experience of the i-Tech range, it has been designed and manufactured for difficult production environments. Thanks to the 316 Aisi stainless steel construction and the sealed electronics (IP66), it is suitable for wash-down environments and continuous production. Its reliability is ensured by a plenum airflow cooling system that keeps the printer cool irrespective of ambient conditions. The printer and User Interface with touch panel can be mounted separately for seamless line integration while the optional XS print head can optimise the system for high speed printing. The printer can be controlled by any Windows interface installed on the production line. The I-Tech module based ink system featuring large volume makeup cartridges provides for additional runtime between changes compared to conventional inkjet printers (1 ml/h at 20°C). The software with power consumption reduction system automatically turns off the machine in case of line stops.