Industrial code printers



For directly printing on film the large Swing family is peerless. There are specific models for all types of packaging machines, of the continuous or intermittent type. Swing 2ie is known for its rugged construction and 2ce is characterised by a remarkably fast printing capacity (up to no less than 350 prints a minute). Swing X series, for large areas in multi-track and multi-pass configurations (printing dimensions up to 520×128 mm), are perfect for heat-shrink packing and capping machines and solve all the problems of old mechanical code printers. For labelling needs, Eidos suggests Printess 8: prints and applies giant A4 size labels. Very few automatic line industrial printer manufacturers can compete. This is a modular, integrated system which uses interchangeable applicators. Other devices which will be on display at the event will be the Wedge applicator designed for labelling cardboard trays, and the Blow, characterised by a very high production rate. Coditherm can change data even at every pass, making it perfect for small items, plastic containers, small batches and samples. Proud designers and manufacturers of their systems, Eidos constantly invests in research and development.

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