High-accuracy cutters


UNIMEXUnimex distributes high accuracy cutters from FAM, ideal for cutting vegetables, fruits, meat, cheese, and seafood in dices or slices of different sizes. The company’s range includes a variety of machines in different dimensions, and the series of Centris slicers and shredders, characterised by the smallest footprint of any industrial centrifugal shredder in the market. The cutting head technology (patent pending) guarantees a consistent slice and shred thickness throughout the slicing process; products are sliced or shredded very precisely due to the unique cutting method and high-quality blades used. The unique design of the cutting head facilitates change of blades, handling and cleaning.Both slices (flat cut, crinkle cut and V-shaped) and strips (V-shaped, oval, julienne and wide ribbon-cut) are available on a wide range of products. Centris 315 is designed for companies looking for perfect cut quality, and is the first of a new line of machines developed for cutting fruits and vegetables. Soon larger and more powerful models will be available for meat, cheese and potatoes.

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