Handling and conveying systems for products in bulk and full or empty containers

Magnoni’s Roller-Top ball sorting system, for high-speed conveyance and sorting of boxes, pouches and bundles

Even Noberasco has chosen Magnoni’s innovative solutions for high-speed conveyance and sorting of boxes, pouches and bundles in different shapes.

Magnoni’s new Roller-Top ball sorting system, equipped with fast belt conveyors, is ideal for high-speed conveyance and sorting of boxes, pouches or bundles. Fast and accurate, the system is the real alternative to traditional roller conveyors and it is suitable for sorting containers of different size and shape. Noiseless, clean and requiring low maintenance, this system meets the needs of the food industry, where hygiene and noise reduction are the priority. The system can be designed and customized to meet all handling and sorting requirements of big, medium and small companies. All Roller-Top systems are tested in-house before delivery and assembled on the customer’s premises by Magnoni’s specialized staff, for a fast start-up. Recently Noberasco, an important Italian food industry, leader in the dried and dehydrated fruit sector, decided to install three Roller-Top systems in its production facility.

Magnoni’s pad-gripper elevator/lowerator, for lifting and lowering full and empty containers


Magnoni’s pad-gripper elevator / lowerator has been designed for lifting and lowering full and empty containers. It can handle glass/PET bottles, glass jars, cans and tins. Thanks to the adjustable pad-gripper this unit can handle different containers and formats, even jerry-cans and rigid containers. The modular structure can be stainless steel Aisi 304 or painted steel; it can reach different heights, and is equipped with a lifting/lowering chain in special steel or stainless steel Aisi 304. The pad-grippers in Neoprene are specifically designed according to the product to be handled. The diameter of the gripping space is adjustable, to accommodate different shapes and products. The unit can be easily integrated in any position of the production line. The series includes: standard elevators/lowerators for full and empty containers; carousels for containers filled with hot products that allow cap sterilization by tipping the product; carousels for empty containers that are tipped for cleaning with water, or sterilized by steam or air-blow; continuous conveyor for handling fragile containers by means of a special pad-chain.

Magnoni’s air veil alignment system, for empty aluminium or tin cans

Roller or chain conveyors

Product handling in the food industry requires state of the art solutions, providing for safety and high production efficiency. Conveyance and sorting of products in bulk, such as jars, cans, bottles, bins or pallets – both full and empty – is one of the most important steps. To meet these needs, Magnoni set up different systems with special properties that can be integrated according to the products to be handled. Roller or chain conveyors are ideal for handling medium or heavy loads (max. 1500 kg), such as cardboard boxes, bundles, crates, bins, pallets, kegs of any size. They can be completed with rotating platforms, diverters at 45° or 90° and automatic motorized shuttle platforms running on rails. The air veil alignment system, suitable for empty aluminium or tin cans, is characterized by high production speed (up to 160,000 c.p.h.) and low noise level (< 82 dB at 1 meter distance). It aligns the products in single or double rows. Thanks to the low pressure used, the air veil system prevents damages to containers and is essential for conveying them to the rinsing machines. The cable conveyor is ideal for conveying and storing empty cans and jars on long distances and high altitude; it is equipped with a 114 braided stainless steel cable covered with special plastic that allows its use even in presence of dust, water, oil and detergents. The pad gripper tipper is useful for gripping cans, jars and glass/PET bottles, and any rigid can, and lifting them to a specific height, as required for the production cycle or for conveying them to the next processing machines. The system is ideal also for products that must be sterilized, washed or dried, and must be turned upside down.