Packaging of coffee capsules


Senzani Brevetti’s equipment can handle up to 150 cartons and 2400 capsules per minute, and is designed to meet individual production needs. The growing market of coffee capsules led the Faenza-based company to extend the technical performances of its machines to the entire coffee sector, taking advantage of its 43 patents registered in Europe and in the United States; today the company offers turn-key solutions to handle the entire packaging process, from cartoning and case packing to palletizing.  The high-performing units for high production speeds are: CM series (in the picture), handling up to 70 pre-glued cartons and 1200 capsules per minute; CMX series, handling up to 150 cartons and 2400 capsules per minute; TP series, for up to 62 cartons from flat blank and 670 capsules per minute. The CMX series is designed for the insertion of random capsules in the carton and the creation of multi-flavour mixes, combining milk and coffee capsules or different coffee blends. This series ensures perfect carton squareness and the possibility to print on all 6 surfaces of the box. The TP series, having a small footprint, inserts nested capsules into the carton with different configurations, as required by the customer. One single operator can easily manage the machine, and the package can contain packaged capsules. The cartons are formed from flat blanks, and folded ensuring perfect carton squareness, with the possibility to print on all six box surfaces, with subsequent reduction of packaging costs.


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