Stabilize/secure palletized load


Thanks to its Gear VR360° technology, Robopac presents TechLab, research laboratory dedicated to continuous innovation of product and process. The project was realized using a special camera that can create and share 360° videos in high resolution via a simple mobile phone connected to a viewer: technology that is truly user friendly. This was a preview of what clients will be able to see at the new headquarters in the USA (Duluth, Georgia). All clients can reserve a specific lab test for their product. As a result, thanks to TechLab clients can test their own packaging and receive a complete report of the results obtained during the verification tests, thus ensuring the best possible packaging for their products. Thanks to its ability to stabilize and secure the palletized load, TechLab ensures that the product reaches its destination intact and undamaged. The reduced use of packaging materials also reduces costs, thus ensuring not only economic but also ecological savings, thanks to the elimination of the environmental impact in the logistics and transport phases, and the reduction of food waste.

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