GNA, packaging machines for pasta

Example of vertical bags obtained on the vertical AV 650 packaging machine

Excellence of the national cuisine, pasta quality stands out on the shelves of international distribution thanks to impact packaging.

GNA mission has always been the development of automatic machines and equipment for the packaging of food products. This Italian company has its seat in the heart of the Packaging Valley near Bologna, an area where it began its activity in 1987; today GNA is a successful reality in Italy and on the international markets, thanks to its strong export orientation.

In addition to the great experience acquired in the packaging of fruit & vegetables as well as of fresh-cut ready-to-eat produce, for several years the firm has devoted itself to researching and manufacturing of machines and lines for other food products. Recently GNA has developed packaging innovative lines for the transport and packaging of dried pasta. These systems can easily connect the production line upstream with the packaging system downstream. By means of synchronisation devices and by-pass conveyors, even delicate products can be optimally handled, placed into the appropriate container and conveyed to the flowpack packaging machine.

Flowpack packaging machine Caperea for high performance

Horizontal Flowpacks

GNA offers different packaging systems and optimal solutions both for the packaging with horizontal flow-pack machines and with vertical baggers. Two packaging machines stand out in the range for high performance: The horizontal Caperea and the vertical AV650.

The horizontal electronic Caperea packaging machine is the most powerful among GNA flow-pack machines. It is made in AISI 304 stainless steel and aluminum, and has rounded corners to prevent product build-ups and allow easier machine cleaning. It is fit for being used in many sectors and for different applications. Entirely modular and customizable, this machine creates perfectly sealed packs thanks to four lengthwise units (pulling, pre-heating, sealing, fin shaping) and two crosswise sealing jaws.

Three motors (two brushless type and one controlled by inverter) along with the Touchscreen panel guide the operator throughout the main operations, that entail preparing and storing data to operate the machine. Caperea can reach high speeds and handle products of various sizes.

Vertical packaging machine AV 650, can be combined with any weighing system; and is suitable for packing different types of food products in vertical pillow bags or square bottom bags

Vertical Packaging Machines

The AV650 packaging machine is the result of continuous evolution and the experience acquired by GNA in vertical packaging systems. Thanks to a variety of optional devices, it is fully customizable depending on the type of product to be packed.

It features a stainless steel structure and achieves high speeds consistent with product characteristics, packaging material and the size of the bags. The management occurs with latest generation PLC and Touch Screen panel to create production recipes simply and intuitively.

Two brushless servomotors enable low noise use with high accuracy both in bag length and transversal sealing. Even via ultrasound on request. Rapid change of the forming tube to aid the operator’s functions. The electrical panel located inside the packaging machine allows the reduction of overall dimensions making AV650 easy to clean.