Milk mixers with helix


Caseartecnica Bartoli has always supplied equipment, machines and lines for the production, packaging and cutting of cheese. Among these the stainless steel spiral agitator, whose horizontal or vertical structure allow the heating and processing of milk as well as the cutting of curd.

Ideal for processing milk with a continuous motion, it allows to vary the treatment speed in a precise and reliable way, according to the working needs. The settings allow to choose the desired function and process the product in a very delicate way. The mixer is also available with temperature probe and digital display.

The technical characteristics are: heating and processing of milk with speed control, according to processing needs; precise and gentle curd cutting with a special cutter with helix; accurate cleaning of the tanks with a special central cleanser; speed adjustment via electronic inverter; stainless steel cover of the gearmotor, with self-locking hardware. Included accessories: Helix, wave breaker. Optionals: curd cutter made of stainless steel and equipped with helix; cleanser for tanks cleaning; trolley for curd cutter; trolley for cleaning accessories; switchboards for inverter. The electric panels allow to adjust the speed of the mixers in the different processing steps: mixing, curd cutting and tank cleaning.


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