Enrobing systems with chocolate compound for confectionery products


R1000 is proposed by Gami to enrobe confectionery products using chocolate compound or other coatings that do not need tempering. The bowl is equipped with a level sensor and a swinging mixer that keeps the coating fluid and even.

The temperature is controlled through high precision probes and PLC. A removable helix screw provides for a fast cleaning and moves the coating up and recirculates it through an exit spout.

The product flow at the exit is adjustable. The machine is equipped with an enrobing system composed as follows: 1000 mm wide enrobing belt, removable for accurate cleaning; double-curtain dispenser for total and bottom enrobing; air blower adjustable in height and airflow speed, to remove excess coating from the products; adjustable wire-mesh belt beater; heated chocolate collection tray.

The tray is placed under the enrobing wire-mesh, where the products are coated by plunging them into the coating; heated lamps adjustable in intensity. The machine is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and programmable by touch screen.