Temperature control in processes


Temperature is one of the most important measurements used in process control in the food and beverage industries, because it is vital for proper product quality and safety.

Thanks to the optimized continuous calibration process, the TCC sensor from IFM Electronic is ideal for heat-sensitive processes, and protects the production process with real-time monitoring of instrument accuracy. In fact, the TCC signals deviation from user-specified tolerance electronically as well as visually when the LED changes to blue.

The fully-welded, watertight construction and the new probe design make the sensor resistant to moisture, thermal and mechanical shocks and vibrations. Thanks to Calibration Check Technology, the temperature sensor checks its own drift behaviour. The sensor compares the temperature value to the simultaneously measured reference value.

If the deviation is outside the tolerance range, which can be set between 0.5 and 3 K, the TCC provides an optical signal and sends a message to the central controller via IO-Link and the diagnostic output.

The same applies to cases of serious malfunctions. A variety of probe lengths and fittings, as 1.5” and 2” Tri-Clamp adapters, with a 6 mm diameter, and G1/2” hygienic process connections with probe lengths up to 550 mm, make them fit to most applications.