Stainless steel cylinders for aggressive environments


Artec pneumatic stainless-steel cylinders are suitable for use on machinery operating in aggressive environments thanks to the corrosion resistance and easy cleaning property of th steel itself (AISI 304 and 316).

Thanks to their clean design and the robustness of the construction, these cylinders are suitable for use even on the most complex food and beverage systems.

The FDA-approved rod seal makes these cylinders suitable for the food sector. The stainless-steel range includes five series of cylinders that differ according to their characteristics: ISO 15552 stainless steel cylinders (Y series); ISO 21287 stainless steel compact cylinders (X series); ISO 6432 stainless steel cylinders (Z series), crimped round cylinders (J series); clean profile round cylinders (V series).

Being made with round screwed tube and integrated rear hinge, the clean profile cylinders are particularly suitable for the food industry and in general on machines that undergo frequent washing. Stainless steel accessories for cylinder mounting and fixing are available to complete the range.

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