Drives for high-speed pumps


Fristam’s TSG (Twin Speed Gearbox) is a patented system for the range of hygienic double screw FDS pumps. A drive that offers many advantages over standard three-phase motors or servomotors.

The system extends the range of use of twin screw pumps, because it allows to exploit their full speed range, by-passing the limitations of three-phase motors. In the food sector, in particular, the drive allows multiple process applications (as the filling of creams and candies) and extreme CIP cleaning applications, as well as the possibility of exploiting the speed range of twin screw pumps.

Combined with a standard frequency converter, the system achieves a 1:30 ratio between production and CIP, ensuring flow rates in excess of 2.5 m/s during the cleaning process even in pipes with relatively large cross sections. This system also allows to reduce the installed power by 30% to 50%, as well as investment and operating costs of the pump and to improve energy efficiency.